Is Prophecy For Today?

It takes fortitude to connect and carry God’s word to an individual, yet when you adore your individual man then that adoration will urge you to proceed to share in any case about the risk of dismissal on the off chance that you fail to understand the situation. Prophecy is a truly remunerating activity. Provide an individual a guidance in a choice they need to make in their life amidst the prophecy is known as a word of shrewdness. Words of intelligence are incredible and if the listener to the word really complies with the Lords course everything works out well for them. The Kings of Israel used to get bearings off the Lord in approaches into fight from a prophet. Furthermore, when the rulers went to fight and utilized the technique the prophet had disclosed to them they were successful in the fight.


That is the reason it is critical to take bearings off a prophet. Obviously you can rehash the prophecy to your minister or great Christian companions and check the prediction to ensure it originates from the Lord, however when you realize it was from the Lord at that point following the headings of the word of insight is the most ideal approach.


That is the place words of information are so great as they are extraordinary learning about a people life that has been given to the prophet and it turns out in their prophecy. At the point when I get a prophecy with a lot of words of information in it, it is ground-breaking. Here is a prophecy that I got for this present week from another prophet in our group at the site. It has 5 words of learning in it ( in italics) and 2 words of wisdom.(in striking) and one sentence of plain prophecy (typical content)


You have had incredible misery in your life. You have been in backslidden states a few times throughout your life. The Spirit of the request personal prophetic word Lord demonstrates me you shout out to him for reclamation in numerous regions throughout your life. Forlornness is one of the numerous territories throughout your life you look for God’s submit. He is dealing with your Faith in the guarantees he has made or demonstrated you. He stops me and reminds me to let you know not to detach yourself from the world. Give your intensity a chance to demonstrate forward in the things of the kingdom… I see you need recuperating in your body.., I direction Healing in the Blessed name of the Lord Jesus. By His Stripes you are Healed…


I have been enduring of not having the option to get the opportunity to rest for three weeks till the early hours in the first part of the day and due to that I have been missing doing willful work and blending with individuals five days per week. In the word of knowledge the Lord says not to separate myself from the world. He needs me to go into our public venue at the Salvation Army in any event, when I rise late and blend with individuals. Satan likes us confined and enduring and God needs me not to feel remorseful about not having the option to work however rather start going in and as yet blending with individuals, regardless of whether that incorporates just an hour or two of work.



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