The Vision That Started a Lifetime of Prophetic Ministry

It happened to me that of the more than five hundred articles i have written considering the fact that then, not one describes the first prophetic vision of worldwide activities that I ever obtained. This is an excerpt from my e book un-edited in its entirety from a chapter entitled “How This e-book turned into Written.” My writing fashion has modified substantially however the vision has no longer.

Remember the fact that once I received this vision I had not so much as heard that there was a “2nd coming” of the Lord Jesus Christ. I had by no means study something approximately it in or out of the Bible including the biblical photographs of a blood purple moon and the blocking off of the solar.

“today in a display in their craft, film makers would possibly begin their memories on the give up and then continue to the beginning. In some movies they even display parallel issues based totally on what could take place to an character if they had made one-of-a-kind alternatives. However this book isn’t always written to entertain or mesmerize the reader with its blended time line or plot. My clearest purpose is to get the heart of the message out first and fundamental. Many human beings read most effective the primary part of a e book or chapter and make summaries from that by myself. For this reason, I wouldn’t make the reader wait until later to get to the meat.

What God has at once said or performed in my existence is a ways greater crucial than the ordinary commercial enterprise of my life or my rearing. Request prophetic word I have chosen to start with what I trust is the unmarried most critical vision that God has given me thus far. This imaginative and prescient got here in the fall of 19 69. It turned into a time when i used to be new to the faith and knew little or not anything about the scriptures. My lack of bible information handiest furthered the veracity of the imaginative and prescient as I started to test what I saw in the imaginative and prescient towards what’s written within the scriptures.

I used to be new to the bible and to faith in Jesus Christ in 1969. As a fledgling I held on each phrase of the pleasant preaching I could discover. One night earlier than I retired I listened carefully to a sermon approximately the second coming of Christ. As a boy inside the Catholic Church I had by no means even heard of the second coming. If our priest did recognize of it he in no way uttered a phrase to us about it. The radio preacher noted what conditions could be like on the time of Christ’s go back. He spoke of how expertise could be expanded at that point and that humans might be journeying all around the global in hordes. I went and examine a number of the verses he became referring to in the gospels but thus far I hadn’t read any part of the vintage testament. He carefully explained how Israel need to grow to be a nation and possess Jerusalem before those activities should transpire. All in all, it seemed like he become talking about this technology, my era…Whew!

I said a touch prayer just earlier than going to sleep that night time. I requested God if this turned into the era the scripture was speaking about. The dream imaginative and prescient I obtained that night I have to put in a category by itself. I had visible the future in clear, Technicolor like visions, dozens of instances through then but nothing like this. Even at this moment even though my dream visions were inside the loads i have not had one with the equal power or surety because the vision I noticed that night time. I’ve heard of out of frame experiences of every kind and weighed them with interest if nothing else. I hadn’t had any myself and in no way changed into I hoping to have one.

But even at that, I knew that this became no longer an insignificant floating out of the frame kind aspect. This instead, turned into being taken out of the frame by way of a divinely appointed celestial being…An angel. It changed into, I assume, under no circumstances in contrast to John’s revel in of being taken up in the spirit at the Sabbath day even as on the Isle of Patmos and shown the Revelation of Jesus Christ. (Rev. 1: f)

I consider being lifted out of my frame by way of an angelic like creature and i was instructed to comply with him, it seemed like I had no desire. He didn’t talk in an audible voice as we know it however you could not miss even one word he stated. He carried me along by way of the force of his will and by no means definitely touched me. He carried me to an area just above the earth perhaps at the peak wherein the astronauts might be hovering. He then stated look at what i will show you and he proceeded to point to in which I must restore my gaze. He pointed to the earth and that i saw it revolving around and it seemed pretty regular.

Subsequent he pointed to the solar and that i saw it turned into included with a quite opaque like protecting. I may want to absolutely see it turned into the solar however the primary a part of its light become blocked from view both to me and anyone on this planet. He became and pointed to the moon so I checked out it also. It became ordinary in each manner however one; it changed into a deep purple in colour. It wasn’t like the harvest moon or the orange moon we’ve all seen at instances it turned into surely a deep, blood like, purple.

Then he grew to become absolutely around from the earth, sun and moon and pointed some distance out into area. There I saw a exceptional white light come flowing downward to the earth. It landed on a very strategic and distinct vicinity on the planet. I can not understand that I requested the angel in which that spot was however it appeared that he sensed my rising curiosity and spoke back it. He indicated that it changed into the geographical center of the earth wherein the occidental and oriental races meet; it changed into none aside from the town of Jerusalem.

I watched the light for some seconds and observed it wasn’t simply clearly glowing, it was pulsating, it become clearly alive and was now not only a phenomena or an extraterrestrial craft it become the Lord Jesus Christ. I idea the imaginative and prescient become over but best the visual part had concluded there was but one extra component to spread

In a gesture some thing just like the cupping of his ear the angel advised me to concentrate.

I obeyed his request and grew to become my pleasant ear toward the earth. I heard cries, moaning and laments however all the voices made  clear and wonderful statements that i’m able to never forget about. First I heard

Human beings announcing Oh no, He (Christ) has lower back and we weren’t prepared and secondly, oh no, He has lower back and we failed to trust.

I spent a good buy of time that night time brooding about what I had visible. From that night time to nowadays I began studying and collecting all the records I may want to on the second one coming of the Lord. I was amazed to discover not most effective that there may be a brilliant deal of information about it however that about twenty 5 percentage of the bible speaks to this challenge. Prayerfully, cautiously and responsibly I approached and assimilated each bit of data I should discover bearing on this 2d coming event. I prayed and endeavored to live at the conservative and balanced facet of all the information. I’m positive that God isn’t glorified or maybe dignified whilst we train hypothesis and conjecture as reality. If I feel some speculation will elucidate a factor i’ll use it however i’m careful to explain that it’s far in any case simply that, a speculation.

I have related this vision to loads of people through the years, a few who believe and some who don’t and of path individuals who are actually indifferent. 3 things have continually been flawlessly clear to me approximately this imaginative and prescient. First, I couldn’t make up any such tale. Secondly, I would not have ever requested or believed that I should have this sort of imaginative and prescient. Lastly, due to the fact I can’t prove it, I don’t strive.

People seem to believe it or not and that isn’t my obligation either. I believe it and that i wouldn’t insult God by using hiding it or altering it in any way. I’ve seen profound modifications within the lives of all folks who trust me and test the whole thing I say towards their bibles. In reality they’re the ones who in any case recognise that i am no longer so unique i am handiest among the many humans male and female in those ultimate days which can be going to have God use them in a special manner as he promised in Joel 2:28f.”

“And it shall come to pass later on, that i will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your vintage guys shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”

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